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Above the trees

The Three Sisters

Gammon mesh

The-Tothills, oil on canvas, 102x84cm

Mt Gnome study

Bronowski at Auschwitz

Celebration, oil on canvas, 180x120cm

antipodean landscape


Beach invalid

Beach Romeo

Beach scorpion

Bedroom, 122x106cm

Bedroom at Arles, oil on canvas, 81x110cm

Kookaburra, oil on canvas, 100x133cm

Ediacaran landscape

Emu & quandong

Flinders Ranges From Within

Geometric abstraction

Grey landscape

Kestrel Ridge

Coastal Abstraction

Landscape in denial

Massacre at Hallett station

Muscles of the face

No coverage

November painting, oil on canvas, 51x51cm

Old mining camp

Out of Terowie

River and vines

Skull creek Flinders Ranges, oil on canvas, 150x120cm

Translucent landscape, oil on canvas, 91x122cm

Water garden, oil on canvas, 150x120cm

Mt Remarkable, oil on canvas, 101x122cm

The Apotheosis of Captain Cook

Schrodinger, oil on canvas, 123x67cm

Stick nest

Study for harvest

Study for stick nest

Subjective landscape

Temporal landscape

The death of Beethoven, oil on canvas, 121x150cm

The Death of Captain Cook

Wild dog creek